OK – DazyDayz and myspace wasn’t enough so nobody@wordpress.com popped into my email this evening and invited my Michigan butt on over here. Guess she thought I would like to have another spot to make graphics for since she didn’t wanna do it alone – hahahahahahaha


January 29, 2006. Fun. 3 comments.

A Note from RJ

This note is from RJ and he would like you to pass it along to all your Prayer Groups and Bible study groups after you read it as he wants to thank everyone!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my family, friends and all of Robin’s friends and Prayer Groups that have said prayers and kept us in their thoughts over the past several months. We believe that those prayers were answered on Monday, when the Doctor told us that the Cancer has at least stabilized.

I really want to thank you all, and please, keep the prayers going.


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Hi guys….Just wanted to add this update to let you all know about our visit to the Oncologist on Monday.

The CT scan showed that the cancer has not spread into the vitals so the doctor said it was “stable”. He is keeping RJ on the Morphine, Vicodin and steroids, gave him a new sleeping pill script as he’s been waking up every 2-3 hours, cuz the Ambien isn’t working. He is also adding in a chemo pill “Tarceva” which he is to take once a day in hopes of keeping the cancer “stable”. There are some scary side affects so will need to keep a close watch. This news was good and has really lifted RJ’s spirits and this is a good thing too!!

That’s about it for right now – I’m off to get that dreaded job of ‘laundry’ going so I will get my workout of up and down the stairs today!! Have a good day my friends : )

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